SharePoint Framework 1.4 and new site updates now available

SharePoint team

SharePoint Framework 1.4 tooling and packages are now available, bringing with them a new set of deployment tools as previously discussed in this blog post.

Asset Packaging – Simplify your SharePoint Framework Deployments

With SharePoint Framework 1.4, you can now package together all the resources your SharePoint Framework project uses, along with a descriptive manifest, into one package. The JavaScript, CSS, and other resources are automatically deployed to an integrated SharePoint CDN, dramatically simplifying the steps needed to deploy SharePoint Framework updates compared to separate CDN and package deployment processes.  

To get started with SharePoint Framework 1.4, please read the release notes, or watch the SharePoint Framework tutorial videos which now describe how you can take advantage of integrated asset packaging in your deployments.

More Deployment Flexibility with Site Collection App Catalogs

Also, SharePoint tenancies are also now fully enabled to support site collection app catalog deployment for both SharePoint Framework packages as well as SharePoint add-ins. With this, you can target specific packages to particular site collections – for example, deploying a set of Marketing Key Performance Indicator web parts solely to the site collection where a marketing department communication site is located.  Discover how you can use PowerShell to create site collection app catalogs for your SharePoint tenancy.

Site Collection App Catalog

As you start to use these capabilities, we welcome your issues and feedback via Github. We’re also monitoring your feature requests and votes via UserVoice, which helped influence these scenarios – so please let us know if there are additional capabilities that would streamline your scenarios. Happy coding!

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