Removing Code-Based Sandbox Solutions in SharePoint Online

SharePoint team

July 29, 2016

We started taking steps this week to complete the removal of code-based sandbox solutions as part of the phased approach we announced in 2014 when we deprecated the feature.

At that time, we recommended that customers and partners transition their solutions to the add-in model or pure client-side development, which provide highly-scalable, cloud-first approaches to extending SharePoint. Since then, many customers have transitioned full-trust and sandboxed solutions to the add-in model, and their success and experiences are reflected in the samples and guidance of our Patterns and Practices initiative.

Detailed below are recent actions taken and what to expect next:

  • As part of the removal process, activation of new code-based sandbox solutions, as well as updates of existing solutions are no longer available.
  • In the coming weeks, running code-based sandbox solutions in SharePoint Online multi-tenant environments also will be disabled. Customers with these solutions should watch the Message Center and Service Health Dashboard (SHD) for details, timelines, and exception processes. 

Note that currently, we do not plan to deprecate or remove support for declarative (no-code) sandboxed solutions. 

We know migration from legacy solutions can be disruptive, and we’re committed to partnering with you on this journey.  Our Product and Customer Support teams are ready to help you in this journey with advice and guidance to move your solutions forward. We’ve collected our existing set of guidance on add-ins and solution development for SharePoint Online below. We’ll continue to listen to feedback and develop more guidance to help customers as needed.

Moving forward, we’ll also continue to support a portfolio of methods to deliver all manner of business applications and customizations in SharePoint Online.


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