SharePoint PnP Customer Story – Using PnP Partner Pack at Weleda AG

Vesa Juvonen

In this SharePoint PnP Customer Story we concentrated on covering how Experts Inside delivered a self-service site collection provisioning solution for Weleda AG, by using the PnP Partner Pack as a starting point for their delivery. Customer wanted to provide automated process for their employees to have branded collaboration sites and PnP Partner Pack starter kit provided excellent starting point for the Experts Inside for this customer case.

PnP Partner Pack is ready-to-use starter kit, which provides typical self-service site collection provisioning capabilities for end users at site collection and in sub site level. You can us it as such or it can be also customized based on the functional and business requirements. PnP Partner Pack also includes additional capabilities like governance automation as backend services, having standard template available for site creation cross SharePoint Online tenant and to enable responsive UI with classic SharePoint sites automatically when sites are provisioned.

PnP Partner Pack is open source, community driven solutions which is part of the SharePoint PnP initiative. SharePoint PnP initiative is owned and coordinated by SharePoint engineering, but work happens together with the tens and tens of community members. You can find PnP Partner Pack and additional details from dedicated PnP Partner Pack repository at GitHub.

Presentation section covers following topics

  • Introduction to customer – Weleda AG
  • What were the customer requirements and solution architecture with PnP assets
  • Customer specific customizations build on top of the reusable solutions and components from PnP
    • Yammer extensibility handler for associating Yammer groups automatically to SharePoint sites
    • Yammer web part replaced automatically to newly created SharePoint sites
    • Scheduled backend service (Azure WebJob), which synchronizes group memberships between SharePoint and Yammer groups

Webcast demo shows following details

  • Customized PnP Partner Pack used at Weleda AG
  • Changed branding and modifications on the standard UIs in the PnP Partner Pack
  • Configuration in Azure side for enabling backend services for self-service site collection creation
  • How standardized collaboration sites are looking after they’ve been provisioned automatically using the PnP provisioning engine
  • Responsive UI package applied to classic SharePoint sites

Video presenters: Nicki Borell, Kevin MeesVesa Juvonen

Video at YouTube.

Additional resources

See following resources around the covered topics and mentioned resources.

Notice. This particular deployment was done using PnP Partner Pack v1.0, but the newer version has significant amount of additional ready to use capabilities. 

What is SharePoint / Office DevPatterns & Practices (PnP)?

SharePoint / Office Dev Patterns and Practices

PnP is community driven open source project where Microsoft and external community members are sharing their learning’s around implementation practices for Office 365 and SharePoint on-premises (add-in model). Active development and contributions happen in our GitHub repositories under dev branch and each month there will be a master merge (monthly release) with more comprehensive testing and communications. Latest activities and future plans are covered in our monthly community calls which are open for anyone from the community. Download invite from

This is work done by the community for the community without any actual full time people. It’s been great to find both internal and external people who are willing to assist and share their learning’s for the benefit of others. This way we can build on the common knowledge of us all. Currently program is facilitated by Microsoft, but already at this point we have multiple community members as part of the Core team and we are looking to extend the Core team with more community members.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback around PnP program or this blog post, please use the Microsoft Tech Community (SharePoint Developer group).

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Vesa Juvonen, Senior Program Manager, SharePoint, Microsoft – 6th of October 2016

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