Opening SharePoint Dev Blog for community posts

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We are happy to announce that we open SharePoint Dev blog also for MVP articles. SharePoint has one of the most active communities in the industry and we want to have a new opportunity for our MPVs for getting additional visibility by posting their articles also through the SharePoint Dev blog. We are initially looking into publishing one MVP article in a week to avoid overlapping too much with official communications. This might be adjusted based on the interest and demand.

As part of this announcement, we are also publishing the very first article from Chris Kent (DMI).


How will I know which article is from MVPs and which is from SharePoint engineering?

Each article written by an MVP will start with “MVP Article – ” prefix in the title. See Chris Kent’s post mentioned above as a reference.

Why would I post my article through SharePoint Dev blog?

This will give you additional visibility and exposure to the community. Each MVP article should have an introduction section on the author of the article, which you can use the introduce yourself for the community. See Chris Kent’s reference article as an example to follow. We will push out social media promotions of these blog posts using OfficeDev and SharePoint social media channels, which have more than 200 thousand followers, which are also your potential followers.

What is the process for getting an article published?

Process for getting your article scheduled and published is as follows:

  • Send your suggestion as an MVP article to email address
  • Your submission will be reviewed by our community engagement team
  • We will provide you with input if the article is good to go, requires some edits or if it’s not appropriate for getting submitted through the official SharePoint dev blog. When the article is good to go, we will provide you a high-level estimate on the release date, depending on the queue of the articles

You can expect an initial reply within 5-7 business days after submitting your article.

Can I do cross-posting with my blog?

Absolutely. You can certainly do cross-posting of the same article through SharePoint Dev blog and using your own personal blog if you prefer to do so.

Can I submit a previously published content?

Yes. You should be though mindful on suggesting only relatively new articles as we want to ensure that the content in the SharePoint developer blog is fresh and new for our audience. If you just have published something, which would be a perfect candidate, send that towards us and let’s see what happens.

I’m not a developer MVP, but my article touches development topics, is that fine?

Absolutely. As long as you are Microsoft MVP and the article touches SharePoint development topics, you can get your writing released in the SharePoint developer blog. SharePoint development is quite a broad topic from branding and configuration details to SharePoint Framework technical nuances. Any topic which explains how to extend SharePoint experiences can be submitted for review and we will give you input on your article as needed.

I’m not an MVP, anyway I could get my article here as well?

We are potentially expanding the offer in the future for the wider community, but for now, you will need to be an MVP acknowledged by Microsoft.

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SharePoint Team, Microsoft – 4th of October 2018


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