Office Add-in Development Community (PnP) – July 2019 update

Office Add-ins team

We’re excited to announce three new solutions for Office Add-ins Patterns and Practices. 

Use storage when offline in an Office Add-in

A diagram showing an Office Add-in unable to connect to web services but using storage

If the user experiences a lost connection, your Office Add-in will keep working by caching data in localStorageWhen you detect the network isn’t available, you can use the cache until the network is back online. 

Authenticate Office Add-ins to get file info from Microsoft Graph 

A diagram showing an Excel and Outlook Add-in connecting through auth to Microsoft Graph

You can connect to web services such as Microsoft Graph to work with important data from your Office Add-in. The following two samples show how to connect to Microsoft Graph to get a list of workbooks stored in OneDrive for Business. 

Contributors from Microsoft 

Here’s the list of Microsoft people who have been closely involved with the PnP work last month. 

  • Nancy Wang @nancy-wang 
  • Albert Dotson @aed3 
  • Ricky Kirkham @Rick-Kirkham 
  • Hidetake Jo 
  • David Chesnut 

About Office Add-ins Patterns & Practices (PnP) 

Office Add-ins PnP is a Microsoftled, community driven effort that helps developers extend, build, and provision customizations on the Office platform the right way by providing guidance and help through official documentation and open source initiatives. The source is maintained in GitHub where anyone can participate. You can provide contributions to the samples, reusable components, and documentation. Office Add-ins PnP is owned and coordinated by Office engineering teams, but the work is done by the community for the community. 

You can find code samples for Office Add-in development in the Office Add-ins PnP repoSome samples are also documented in the Office Add-ins docs, such as Batching custom function calls for a remote service. 

SharePoint PnP 

Office Add-ins PnP and SharePoint PnP are both related community driven efforts. SharePoint PnP provides community solutions for developers building on SharePoint.  For more information about SharePoint PnP, see 

Additional resources 

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