Moving management of solutions from Seller Dashboard to Partner Center

Microsoft 365 Platform team

Microsoft is rolling out a modern management experience for the Office Store program in Partner Center. Office Add-ins (including Outlook add-ins), SharePoint add-ins, Teams apps, and Power BI visuals will be migrated to Partner Center. Client IDs and associated secret management will also be moved to Partner Center as part of this rollout.

This move provides the following benefits to developers:

  • A single, integrated developer portal to manage and publish products to one or more storefronts.
  • Streamlined product management and access to core Partner Center capabilities.
  • Simplified approval process – Teams app developers can submit apps directly through Partner Center instead of the current pre-approval process via email submission.
  • Modern architecture that allows parallel editing of pages and offers improved service availability and monitoring.

The process to move products from Seller Dashboard to Partner Center will be for the most part seamless for partners. The following steps will be performed on each account:

  1. Import and validate products – Import products from Seller Dashboard to Partner Center and validate them in the new services in the background. Partners can continue to use Seller Dashboard as usual during this process.
  1. Verify eligibility to migrate to Partner Center – When all products have successfully validated, we will verify that no submissions are in progress. If submissions are in progress, we’ll wait until they’re all completed.
  1. Lock Seller Dashboard – Seller Dashboard access will be locked. Partners will not be able to view or edit any solutions in Seller Dashboard during this period. Any changes since the import performed in step 1 will be synced to Partner Center. Access will be locked for 10 – 30 minutes on average. Note: Any changes in Seller Dashboard that weren’t saved prior to this step will be lost.
  1. Unlock the Partner Center experience – The Partner Center experience will be unlocked. Partners will be notified that the move to Partner Center is complete via email. Partners can sign in to Partner Center using the same credentials they use to access Seller Dashboard. Note: Partners will not be able to access Seller Dashboard after the Partner Center experience is unlocked.

For more details, see the Partner Center migration FAQ.

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