Microsoft Graph Java SDK Preview

Microsoft Graph team

Java developers have spoken, and we’ve listened. We’re excited to announce a preview of our new Java SDK for Microsoft Graph. Java developers can use the SDK to integrate with data, relationships and intelligence of the Microsoft Graph API in both client and server-side applications. This client library simplifies API integration by providing request builders, class definitions and convenience functions for common operations such as chunked file upload.  

Create requests with confidence 

The Java SDK simplifies Microsoft Graph integration by allowing you to incrementally build up requests with objects. Find the data you’re looking for by traversing relationships between resources in the Microsoft Graph API. 

Build with strongly typed objects 

By using the Java SDK, you’ll have access to classes that represent the resources exposed in the Microsoft Graph API. Property annotations provide human-readable descriptions and hints about what data they represent.  

Get started  

Try the SDK

Tune in to the March Microsoft Graph community call to learn more and see the Java SDK in action 

Special thanks  

Dave Moten for his numerous contributions to the Java SDK 

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