Letsignit leverages the Outlook Add-ins Platform to manage email signatures

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Today we’d like to introduce you to Sébastien Telouk who is the Vice President of Sales at Letsignit, an email signature management solution for Microsoft 365. He sat down with us to chat about how Letsignit has leveraged the power of Outlook Add-ins to bring their email signature management system to life.

Tell us about Letsignit

Letsignit is an Outlook Add-in that allows organizations to create and manage email signatures in a few clicks. This solution lets customers centrally manage all employee email signatures which saves time and keeps their brand image consistent. Users can also add promotional banners to their email signatures, making the most of this low-cost yet powerful marketing channel.

What drove you to develop using Office Add-ins?  

Microsoft Office apps like Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook are used by almost every company in the world. We wanted to position ourselves immediately in that broad user base. Office Add-ins give us the chance to solve pain points for our customers. For example, we found that it was not easy for IT admins to deploy the Letsignit Outlook app on every desktop at their company. Office Add-ins’ centralized deployment meant we could immediately remove this barrier to entry.  

Additionally, the Office JavaScript API offers connections to other powerful tools. We leveraged the power of Azure Active Directory (AAD) in our add-in, meaning we developed a solution that prefilled all users’ information right from the start. In just a few clicks, our Office Add-in can deploy across multiple email platforms, such as Outlook on your desktop, Outlook on the web, or on your mobile phone. 

Which Office JavaScript APIs did you find particularly helpful while developing?

We heavily utilized the following Office JavaScript APIs 

How has Microsoft been there for Letsignit during your development process?  

When we started to develop our add-in, we talked to Microsoft, who helped us find the best solution possible for our customers. We have joined the monthly Office Add-ins Community call and had additional calls with Microsoft Add-in Dev teams. This support helped us a lotwe really appreciate the Dev team (Thanks Hitesh!) for being so helpful and reactive.  

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