Get started developing security applications

Microsoft Graph team

The fast growing cybersecurity market offers lots of opportunity for developers to build modern, connected security applications. We want to help developers quickly get started in building security solutions focused on three key scenarios: security management and investigations, threat detection, and information protection.

By building solutions that connect to Microsoft security solutions, developers can:

  • Unlock value for Microsoft customers
  • Accelerate their application development
  • Leverage the speed and scale of the Microsoft cloud

We’ve developed a guide to help developers get started building security solutions connected to the Microsoft platform. This guide provides an introduction to the Microsoft APIs, services, and communities available to developers. In addition, the guide offers detailed guidance on when and how to use each – what technology and integration option best aligns with your desired scenario and application type.

Get started by downloading the guide today and provide your feedback by filing a GitHub issue in the Security Developer repo!

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