Welcome to “Dr. International”

Shawn Steele

Hi!  We’ve created this space to share some thoughts about software internationalization.

Internationalization is a really long word, so we’ve truncated the URL to just “i18n”.  There are 18 letters between the “i” and the “n” in “internationalization”, so i18n is a bit of a shortcut.  (Another common abbreviation in this space is l10n for “localization”.)

We plan to post around once a month, more or less, and our hope is to cover helpful things that come to mind related to computer globalization, internationalization, and localization.  Sometimes these will be more general high level topics.  Other times we’ll drill into more specific details about a technical issue.

Our focus is often geared toward software engineers developing applications, but we’ll talk about considerations for people specifying and managing systems as well.  Some posts will probably be internationalization issues that are interesting for users as well.

Follow the feed to stay tuned, and thanks for listening!


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