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Visual Studio 11 Beta has some more improvement in HTML and CSS editors over the Developer Preview time. You can see the major feature descriptions through .  In this channel9 video, Mads Kristensen demonstrated a few great HTML/CSS editor features in VS11 Beta (The video also demos Page inspector features by Jorge Gabuardi, and JavaScript feature by Mads as well).

Also, Here is an additional list of HTML/CSS editor features that we improved in Visual Studio 11 Beta.

HTML editor

  • Smart Task on all HTML elements with full MEF extensibility support
  • IntelliSense for Metro Style application’s data-win-control attribute
  • Improved formatter
  • Updated HTML5 IntelliSense and validation based on latest W3C standards
  • Drag and drop support for user controls, video and audio files into source editor.  For example, if you drag drop a test.mp3 file from solution explorer to the html editor, you will see this:
<audio src="test.mp3" controls="controls" />

CSS editor

  • Validation of vendor specific properties, for example:


  • Hierarchical indentation is now fully extendible
  • Auto completion of CSS comments.  For example, when you type /*, you will see /**/ get generated.
  • Auto insert closing curly bracket followed by smart indent.  For example, when typing .class1{, the following will get generated, where | is the cursor position.
.class1 {
  • Improved IntelliSense triggering when working with colors.  For example, when typing # after “background: “, the color picker will get triggered as editor recognize a color is to be entered.


Hope to hear your feedbacks. Thanks for reading.


Xinyang Qiu

Web Platform and Tools Team


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