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Visual Studio 2017, .NET Core SDK 1.0, F# 4.1

Yesterday, we had a big product launch! Visual Studio 2017 is here, and with it come the releases of .NET Core SDK 1.0, and F# 4.1. Check out the posts for all the details:

Get the bits now:


In last week’s episode, Phillip Carter gave a tour of F#. This episode is two full hours of delicious F# aimed mainly at C# developers with no prior F# experience:

This week, we’ll have two shows. First, Scott Hunter will give a recap of yesterday’s announcements and what they mean for .NET. Second, we’ll have Matt Watson from Stackify to talk about Prefix, a lightweight dev tool for the Web that shows real-time logs, errors, queries, and more. We’ll stream live on Channel 9 at 9:30AM Pacific Time on Wednesday, then 10AM on Thursday. We’ll take questions on Gitter’s dotnet/home channel and on Twitter. Please use the #onnet tag. It’s OK to start sending us questions in advance if you can’t do it live during the shows.

Happy Birthday .NET!

We have another Happy Birthday .NET video for you this week. John Shewchuk is a Technical Fellow in charge of developer experience. He worked on Visual InterDev, drove the first release of Visual Studio, and was part of the architectural team for the very first and subsequent releases of .NET.

Tool of the week: FNA

FNA is a reimplementation of the Microsoft XNA libraries. The main contributor to the project, Ethan Lee, has ported two dozen XNA games already, including FEZ, Bastion, and Terraria.

Bastion running on FNA

Game of the week: Pyre

Pyre is a role-playing game in which you lead a band of exiles to freedom. To do this, you must fight through ancient competitions that are spread across a mystical purgatory. Each battle will bring you and your party closer to their freedom as they gain access to new abilities. Pyre will feature both a campaign and a two-player versus mode, letting you challenge a friend to one of fast-paced ritual showdowns.


Pyre is being created by Supergiant Games using C# and their own custom engine. It is under development but will be launching on Steam and PlayStation 4.

User group meeting of the week: Linux and microservice architecture in NC

Tonight Wednesday, March 8, at 5:30PM in Morrisville, NC, the TRINUG.NET group holds a meeting on .NET, Linux, and microservice architecture.





New F# Language Suggestions:

Check out F# Weekly for more great content from the F# community.






And this is it for this week!

Contribute to the week in .NET

As always, this weekly post couldn’t exist without community contributions, and I’d like to thank all those who sent links and tips. The F# section is provided by Phillip Carter, the gaming section by Stacey Haffner, and the Xamarin section by Dan Rigby, and the UWP section by Michael Crump.

You can participate too. Did you write a great blog post, or just read one? Do you want everyone to know about an amazing new contribution or a useful library? Did you make or play a great game built on .NET? We’d love to hear from you, and feature your contributions on future posts:

This week’s post (and future posts) also contains news I first read on The ASP.NET Community Standup, on Weekly Xamarin, on F# weekly, and on Chris Alcock’s The Morning Brew.


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