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On .NET: Mattias Karlsson – Cake

During the Microsoft Build conference, we recorded interviews with some of the attendees. Mattias Karlsson is a core contributor on Cake, the cross-platform build automation system with a C# DSL.

Package of the week: Topshelf

Topshelf is a framework for hosting services written using .NET. The creation of services is simplified by allowing developers to create an easy to debug console application that can also be installed as a service.

public class TownCrier
    readonly Timer _timer;
    public TownCrier()
        _timer = new Timer(1000) {AutoReset = true};
        _timer.Elapsed += (sender, eventArgs) =>
            Console.WriteLine($"It is {DateTime.Now} and all is well");
    public void Start() { _timer.Start(); }
    public void Stop() { _timer.Stop(); }

public class Program
    public static void Main()
        HostFactory.Run(x =>
            x.Service<TownCrier>(s =>
               s.ConstructUsing(name=> new TownCrier());
               s.WhenStarted(tc => tc.Start());
               s.WhenStopped(tc => tc.Stop());

            x.SetDescription("Sample Topshelf Host");

Meetup of the week: The Dockering of .NET with Cecil Phillip in Miami, FL

The June meeting of dotNet Miami will have .NET expert and Away From The Keyboard host Cecil Phillip talking about marrying Docker and .NET. Cecil will review the basics of Docker and how we can add containers to our applications.

Thursday, June 15, 2017 6:30 PM in Miami, FL





There is more content available this week in F# Weekly. If you want to see more F# awesomeness, please check it out!






Game development

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