The week in .NET – 5/24/2016

Bertrand Le Roy

To read last week’s post, see The week in .NET – 5/16/2016.


Last week on the show, we had Miguel de Icaza:

This week, we’ll speak with Maoni Stephens, who works on .NET’s GC.

Package of the week: Math.NET Symbolics

Math.NET is an impressive project. We’ve covered Math.NET’s numeric package before. Today, we’re looking at its symbolic package, that deals with the manipulation of symbolic mathematical expressions. With it, you can parse, format, and evaluate expressions, but also develop them, simplify them, differentiate them, etc.

Here’s an example that uses symbolic differentiation to build the Taylor expansion of an expression to a given degree:

Xamarin App of the week: MRW

Delivery drivers for Spain’s leading international transport company MRW use its Android app for proof of pick up, receiving orders, and scheduling. The app’s features include offline work, local storage, multi-threading, barcodes, geolocation, and payment. This complexity created time-to-market challenges that Xamarin solved.


Game of the Week: Crashing Season

Crashing Season is an action/arcade mobile game that blends cartoony low-poly graphics with fun and engaging game play. In Crashing Season, players will control up to 15 different silly animals and use their unique skill as well as the environment to fight waves of enemies. The goal of each level is to complete a series of challenges in order to progress. Players will also be able to earn extra rewards by challenging their friends in multiplayer game play.

Crashing Season was created by Koukoi Games using Unity and C#. It will be available on May 26th on iOS and Android! More information can be found on their Made With Unity page.

Crashing season

User group meeting of the week: Introduction to F# with Nikhil Bartwhal

Tonight, May 24, at 6:30PM at the Empire State Building in NYC, Nikhil Barthwal will give an introduction to F#. The meeting is hosted by the New York City F# Group.




Check out F# Weekly for more great content from the F# community.



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