Solution: web applications using DHTML Editing Control do not work in Windows Vista

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Last year, we made a post to the IE team blog about the removal of the DHTML Editing Control from the Windows Vista.

The removal of the control affects three types of applications:

  1. A Windows application that relied on the DHTML Editing Control would not work in Windows Vista.  Available solution at:
  2. Outlook Web Access does not work in Vista due to removal of DHTML Editing Control.  Available solution at:
  3. Web applications that rely on the DHTML Editing Control are affected by the removal of this control in Vista.  To date for web applications affected, we recommended rewriting portions of the application using an alternative but similar component like

Just this last week, we released one more solution for web applications that rely on the DHTML Editing Control and do not work in Vista.  The solution is named PDEC (short for Psuedo DHTML Editing Control).  If you have a web application which depends on this control, and it does not work in Vista, I recommend taking a look at the PDEC solution:

Hope this helps anyone who has a web application that relies on the DHTML Editing Control.

Omar Khan | Product Unit Manager | Visual Web Developer


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