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In preparation for enhancing Visual Studio design-time experience testing, we’d like to collect a catalog of real world applications to use for performance, stress, and ad hoc testing by the Web Platform and Tools team.  We’re looking for small, medium, and large applications covering a range of architectures, languages, frameworks, and features.

Your contributions will help us to ensure stability and performance in the areas of greatest interest to you.  These additional testing opportunities will also help us ensure that we will have more real world samples to verify every release of Visual Studio whether it is Beta, RC or RTM.

If you are interested in helping us, please provide the following information:

  1. Please send an email to indicating that you are willing to help.  Include your name and your company name in the message.
  2. Tell us about the app or apps that you can share with us.  What are their sizes, what technologies do they use, and what areas are you particularly interested in concerning stability and performance?  Please be specific about performance: responsiveness, memory usage, end-to-end elapsed time, etc. Remember that we are testing and investigating behavior in the IDE (Visual Studio), not the runtime behavior on the web server.
  3. We’re working on a standard NDA proposal, but your company may have special requirements or concerns.  We will work with together with you on this. Rest assured that we understand the sensitivity of your source code as Intellectual Property and will use the project purely for testing purposes to make your Visual Studio experience better.

All we can offer you in return is our appreciation, but we will work to incorporate as many of your contributions as possible into frequent and thorough design-time perf and stress testing.  We hope the real world apps that you provide will help us to better measure the product stability, reliability and performance from early stages of the product development to ensure the quality of releases are at acceptable level and there are no major regressions.

–The Web Platform and Tools Team


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