Publish HTML/JS website to Linux/Apache using Visual Studio

Xinyang Qiu

We received a question about how to use Visual Studio to deploy HTML/JS website to Linux / Apache.  To do it, you need to create an empty ASP.NET website project in Visual Studio (File->New Web Site…) and then include all the HTML/JS files.

1. Right click on the website Project, select “Publish Web Site”.

2. Drop down the Publish Profile drop down and select New Profile. Name it “FTP” or whatever you want to call it.



3. On the Connection Tab set Publish method to FTP, fill in FTP server, root folder for the website on the server, user name and password.


4. Click “Validate” to see if we can connect.

5. Press the “Publish” button


The detailed MSDN topic for VS2012 is here.  This functionality exists in VS2010 and WEBMATRIX as well. 


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