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Visual Studio 2012 RC is now available to download. Please visit Jason Zander’s Blog for detailed announcement.

We have more web development enhancement and features in RC. We’ll discuss some of them in future blog posts. Here are a few web development enhancements and features in Visual Studio 2012 RC since Beta.

Updated Web project templates

  • New project creation performance is greatly enhanced
  • Cleaner markup
  • Cleaned up Empty template (now it’s really empty), added basic template, removed “Single Page Application” for MVC4.


  • Optimization support in Web Forms project template
  • Enabled unit test project templates for all MVC project types.

MVC4 RC included

  • Introduced Web API scaffolding that you can do a full ApiController that uses Entity Framework to create a RESTful Web API.

More discoverable UI to choose default Browser in VS

  • Support to run application from VS in multiple browsers



CSS editor enhancements

  • Improved IntelliSense triggering
  • Better vendor specific property support
  • Removed auto-insertion of closing curly based on customer feedback
  • Support for character encoding using @charset (including GB18030)
  • Support for latest CSS 3 unit types such as semitones
  • Added formatting options to CSS toolbar



HTML editor enhancements

  • Improved formatter
  • Updated HTML5 IntelliSense and validation based on latest W3C standards
  • Script and Link element generation omits the type attribute for HTML 5
  • Drag ‘n drop support update for user controls, video- and audio files
  • IntelliSense for Web forms model binding
  • Updated SVG support

Publish Enhancements

  • Updated publish UI
  • Running EF Code First migrations on the publish dialog
  • Incremental database schema publish (not supported for hosters currently)
  • Incremental database schema preview
  • Update connection strings in web.config on publish (including complex EF connection strings)
  • Prompting for untrusted certificates on publish dialog during publish
  • Automatically convert dev10 publish profiles to the new dev11 format

Page Inspector

  • Asynchronous start for Page Inspector
  • No longer add web.config appSettings key VisualStudioDesignTime:Enabled
  • Added color feedback to selections in code editor while in inspect mode


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