Let’s Learn .NET Aspire – Start your cloud-native journey live!

James Montemagno

Let’s Learn .NET is our world-wide live learning event. Over the last 3 years, developers from around the world have joined team members to learn about the latest .NET technologies and follow along with a live workshop on how to use it! Best of all the Let’s Learn .NET events are hosted in local time zones and languages across the globe.

We are kicking off our next entry in the series, Let’s Learn .NET Aspire, where you will learn all about the new cloud ready stack for building observable, production ready, distributed application with .NET. Best yet, you will learn how to integrate .NET Aspire into your existing .NET applications and see how it can give you better insight through observability, management through orchestration, and how to easily integrate new components as your application grows.

We are providing a full collection for the 2 hour event that gives you everything you need to start your .NET Aspire journey.

Grab the workshop

The first thing that you will want to do is grab our full workshop and clone it from GitHub to your local development machine. This repo will give you everything you need including the start and finish projects for the workshop, workshop guides for each step, and the full presentation that you can at any time.

This is an all-new workshop where you’ll be building out a weather browser with a Blazor front-end, interacting with live weather data from the US National Weather Service.

Workshop weather app screenshot

Setup your development machine

This workshop will be using the following tools:

For the best experience, we recommend using Visual Studio 2022 with the .NET Aspire workload. However, you can use Visual Studio Code with the C# Dev Kit and .NET Aspire workload. Below are setup guides for each platform.

Windows with Visual Studio

Mac, Linux, & Windows without Visual Studio

dotnet workload update
dotnet workload install aspire

Note: These commands may require sudo

Codespaces & Dev Containers

In addition to getting your local development machine set up, the GitHub repo also provides a full Dev Container that you can use locally inside of VS Code or through GitHub Codespaces!

Join us live!

With your development machine setup you will be ready to join us live at any one of our upcoming Let’s Learn .NET Aspire events!

Things all start this Thursday, June 27th 2024 at 9AM Pacific with the one and only Jeff Fritz aka CSharpFritz!

After this main event presented in English, the world-wide tour of Let’s Learn .NET Aspire kicks off:

New Let’s Learn .NET Aspire world-wide events will be announced soon, so check back and be sure to subscribe to .NET on YouTube.

Host a local user group meetup on .NET Aspire

Calling all user group organizers and speakers! We need your help to bring .NET Aspire to more local .NET communities around the globe! We have the content, we have the training material, and all we need is you! Give a presentation or do a full workshop by organizing a local meetup in your area and let us know about it. We will help promote the event across our social channels and we will do our best to send you some swag ahead of time based on your location.

Once you have your meetup scheduled simply fill out this form and let us know about it!

Hope to see you at an upcoming event!


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