fsharpConf 2016

Visual FSharp Team [MSFT]

Join us this Friday, March 4th on Channel 9 for the first ever fsharpConf! Tune in starting at 8:30am PST (16:30 GMT).

fsharpConf 2016

Inspired by dotNetConf, fsharpConf is a free, online-only, day-long conference featuring an awesome lineup of talks from the F# community. Check out the fsharpConf site for more details, and follow @fsharpConf on Twitter.

See you there! And if you miss it, the sessions will be recorded. 🙂

Speakers & Talks

  • Don Syme and Tomas Petricek – Welcome to fsharpConf
  • Evelina Gabasova – The F#orce Awakens
  • Rachel Reese – Patterns and Practices for Real-World Event-Driven Microservices; Using F# at Jet.com
  • Sean Trelford and Phil Trelford – Fun and Games with F#
  • Goswin Rothenthal – The 3D Geometry of Louvre Abu Dhabi
  • Mark Seemann – Types + Properties = Software
  • Krzysztof Cieślak – Ionide & Cross-Platform F# Tools
  • Henrik Feldt – F# Microservices with Logging, Tracing, and More on Docker
  • Chris Holt – Web UI Automation with F# and Canopy
  • Faisal Waris – Android Watch Gesture Recognition with Functional State Machines
  • Alena Hall – Cassandra, Docker, and F# Awesomeness
  • Yukitoshi Suzuki – F# Community in Japan
  • Felienne Hermans – A Boardgame Night with Geeks
  • David Stephens and Tomas Petricek – Q&A with the Visual F# Team and Community


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