.NET MAUI Cloud Skills Challenge – Learn .NET MAUI, Get Stickers!

Matt Soucoup

So far over 400 people have joined the .NET MAUI Cloud Skills Challenge to learn all about developing mobile and desktop apps with .NET MAUI and get some awesome stickers. And we have some good news – we’re extending the challenge from August 31 to September 30 so more people can join in!

What’s the challenge?

The .NET MAUI Cloud Skills Challenge is a fun and exciting way to learn .NET MAUI and grab the latest .NET MAUI sticker swag! All you need to do is go to the registration page and sign up, finish all the .NET MAUI training modules in the challenge (learning some amazing new skills along the way), and then we’ll send some stickers to you!

You’ll have until 11:59 PM Pacific on September 30, 2022 to finish the challenge, but don’t wait, get started today!

What will you learn?

We have put together 7 training modules for you to complete. You’ll learn about building your first .NET MAUI app, how to build the user interface, how to navigate between pages, use local data storage, even how to interact with web services!

Icons of Learn Modules

Already signed up?

Please head on over to the registration page again. We need to get just a bit more info to make sure those stickers arrive to you in a timely manner. After that, complete all 7 modules and view your progress on the challenge home page.

Join the challenge

Sign-up for the challenge at the registration page, then complete all 7 modules and view your progress on the challenge home page. Remember, you have until 11:59 PM Pacific time on September 30, 2022 to finish.

And sneak peek – James Montemagno and Matt Soucoup will be putting on an epic 7-part Learn Live series where they’ll cover every single one of the modules included in this challenge one-by-one. Starting on September 7 and going until November 16. Ask all the questions you want – it’s going to be live! Sign-up for the first episode today.


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  • Gábor Szabó 0

    Cool, somehow I missed it the first time. However, on the survey it states I’ll have to upload a screenshot as proof thag I’ve completed the challenge, but I’m not sure there was an option to upload anything. I guess the Learn username (which was also provided) would be enough to check the progress, or am I missing something?

    • jake chen 0

      Hi, I have the same problem . I have completed the learning path a few days ago ,but until now I know the challenge. Is there a entry to prove I have finished it ? My ms learning name is Damon , email is pkuml@outlook.com

      • himanshu mange 0

        No. you just need to finish all training modules. That’s the only challenge.

  • Daite Dve 0

    I will finish any courses you offer, once you answer this:
    1. What is relation between GUI library and clouds?
    2. Why we need to learn MAUI when we already have WinForms and WPF?
    3. Why you think joining “desktop” and “mobile” is good idea? Fish on crutches – you find it something smart?!

    • Jorge Morales Vidal 0

      I found your comment curious, and I decided to answer some of your questions:
      1. I think your question should come from the “Cloud Skills Challenge” title. This comes from the Microsoft Learn site, where these challenges are named this way. .NET MAUI is one of several themes or subjects you can find on the Microsoft Learn site. And that’s the only relation between the two concepts.
      2. It depends on your needs. If you want your application to reach other platforms (such as Android, iOS or macOS), then .NET MAUI (previously Xamarin.Forms) is the way to go for anyone that has already invested in C#, .NET, and Visual Studio. If you just need Windows, you can continue with WinForms or WPF.
      3. It’s a clever idea for those that have already invested in C#, .NET, and Visual Studio, and want to leverage that investment and share their code with mobile applications. If you have ASP.NET web services and desktop apps already sharing code, then adding Xamarin.Forms/.NET MAUI is a no brainer.

  • David Jackson 1

    MAUI is shaping up to be the worst developer experience ever. This mysteriously stops working. Random errors turn up and the only way to fix them is to create a whole new project. I’ve had to go backward so many times it’s ridiculous. Libraries that were working now stop working and throw errors. I have to uninstall it and now can’t use that library anymore. I will persevere with it but quickly losing the will to live. Files suddenly get dereferenced for no reason. Random (yes random) files are now suddenly required. Forums are full of similar experiences.

    The coding challenge I have no chance as I can even maintain a consistent development environment, its 1 step forward and about 10 steps back.

    Spent 6 hours just to be in exactly the same place where I started.

    Yes, I am incredibly frustrated. No, I don’t need any help. And yes, this is a rant

    • hamid 0

      MAUI is not production ready.it has many bugs and as the growing number of issues shows, it will never be a successful product.many reported issues hasn’t Assignee even after several months.
      Is microsoft ready to use .NET MAUI in any business products?

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