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Web Development Tools team is planning to spend cycles in Dev10 to improve the performance of Web Development scenarios. In that effort, we have identified the following areas where we should maintain parity with VS 2008 SP1/ improve for Dev 10. We came up with the list based on our team’s tests/ regular usage/ customer feedback/ forum posts.

We would like to hear from you about these following scenarios. Are you finding any of these scenarios to be particularly sluggish? Are there other scenarios that should be included in the list? What are your performance concerns? Please take a moment to send your responses via this blog or directly to vwdperf-at-microsoft-dot-com. Thank you!

·         Property Grid updates of controls in Designer

·         Website rebuild

·         First open of WAP

·         Reopen of WAP

·         First open a website

·         Reopen of a website

·         First open of a large solution with multiple WAPs

·         Reopen of a large solution with multiple WAPs

·         Intellisense in nuggets

·         Build WAP

·         Edit WAP and do incremental build

·         Full rebuild of WAP

·         Incremental build on website

·         Format HTML

·         Format CSS

·         Format JScript

·         Undo format HTML

·         Undo format CSS

·         Undo format JScript

·         First switch to DV

·         First drop of control onto designer

·         Second switch to DV

·         Typing text in nested HTML containers in DV

·         Typing text in table

·         Updates from SV to DV

·         Intellisense schema generation

·         Validation of markup

·         Add new webform

·         Open existing webform

·         First view in browser

·         Second view in browser

·         Shutting down IDE


Ranjini | Web Developement Tools Team


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