Changes to the web and JSON editor APIs in Visual Studio 2019

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In Visual Studio 2019 Preview 2, The Web Tools team made some changes to improve extensibility features for extension developers. To standardize interfaces, the CSS, HTML, JSON and CSHTML editors renamed their assemblies as per the following table:

Old New
Microsoft.CSS.Core Microsoft.WebTools.Languages.Css
Microsoft.CSS.Editor Microsoft.WebTools.Languages.Css.Editor
Microsoft.Html.Core Microsoft.WebTools.Languages.Html
Microsoft.Html.Editor Microsoft.WebTools.Languages.Html.Editor
Microsoft.VisualStudio.Html.Package Microsoft.WebTools.Languages.Html.VS
Microsoft.JSON.Core Microsoft.WebTools.Languages.Json
Microsoft.JSON.Editor Microsoft.WebTools.Languages.Json.Editor
Microsoft.VisualStudio.JSON.Package Microsoft.WebTools.Languages.Json.VS
Microsoft.VisualStudio.Web.Extensions Microsoft.WebTools.Languages.Extensions
Microsoft.Web.Core Microsoft.WebTools.Languages.Shared
Microsoft.Web.Editor Microsoft.WebTools.Languages.Shared.Editor

To avoid potential parse issues, the JSON parse tree changed behavior. When you call JsonParserService.GetTreeAsync, you now get a snapshot of the JSON parse tree. As an extension developer, you can now request and maintain snapshots of the JSON parse tree.


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