Catch Up on Microsoft Build 2024: Essential Sessions for .NET Developers

James Montemagno

The Microsoft Build 2024 conference showcased a wealth of innovations and updates for .NET developers. If you missed any sessions, we have you covered with an official YouTube playlist covering all things .NET, C#, Visual Studio, and more! Here are a few highlights from the playlist to dive into.

“Highly Technical Talk” with Hanselman and Toub

Join Scott Hanselman and Stephen Toub for a talk is that 100% LIVE demo. Zero slides, just code. In this “highly technical talk” on the internals of .NET, they look for performance issues and fix them live on stage. Then they go deeper on the debugging, performance, and optimization skills. See how we use own tools to find issues and fix them. If you are super advanced, level up, and let’s see how deep you can go! Oh, and also checkout the Deep .NET series on YouTube for more advanced topics.

Maximize joy, minimize toil, with great developer experiences

Focusing on the developer experience is at the heart of what we do at Microsoft. The landscape is changing and the applications you build will continue to require rethinking not just what kind of app you build, but also how you build it. Join Amanda Silver as she covers the latest evolution in developer tools and how we collaborate across the entire technology spectrum to build the next generation of modern apps, intelligent apps.

What’s new in C# 13

Join Mads and Dustin as they show off key features and improvements coming in C# 13. This year brings long-awaited new features like extensions and field access in auto-properties, as well as a revamped approach to breaking changes to ensure cleaner language evolution in years to come. Additionally, we take collection expressions to the next level by facilitating dictionary creation and opening params to new collection types.

Demystify cloud-native development with .NET Aspire

Explore the groundbreaking .NET Aspire technology stack designed for cloud-native development with David Fowler and Damian Edwards. They explore the Orchestration, Components, Tooling and more.

Also, be sure to check out the session .NET Aspire development on any OS with the Visual Studio family with Wendy and Brady.


There were tons of great sessions on building AI applications with .NET. One of my favorites Learning AI was with Scott Hanselman and Mark Russinovich. They use AI tools to help build a .NET MAUI app that consumes AI models both local and in the cloud.

Looking for more AI? We got you covered:

.NET 9 at Microsoft Build

.NET 9 Preview 4 released last week and there was tons of great updates from teams across .NET 9 on what is coming in .NET 9!

Behind the scenes

Our very own Maddy Montiquilla went behind the scenes on the .NET TikTok at Microsoft Build 2024 interviewing your favorite team members.


The Microsoft Build 2024 conference was packed with valuable sessions for .NET developers, focusing on future developments, language enhancements, scalable architectures, modernization strategies, and AI integration. These sessions are crucial for staying current with the latest .NET trends and technologies. For more details and to watch these sessions, visit the official .NET at Microsoft Build 2024 playlist.

Stay connected with the .NET community through the official .NET YouTube and @dotnet on X to keep up with the latest updates and insights.


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