Attribute Routing changes for ASP.NET Web Stack shipped in VS2013 RC

Xinyang Qiu

For the VS2013 Preview release, we published two articles about Attribute Routing for Web API 2:



The VS2013 RC release includes more changes and features for attribute routing:

1. Explicitly declare a route template on an action

In RC, if attribute routing is enabled, you must explicitly declare the attribute for the desired actions. In Preview, you don’t have to.


2. Added support for overriding RoutePrefix attribute.

In the following controller code, the action to ‘get all the books’ has a route template like “~/”. This overrides the RoutePrefix for this action and a user can reach this action by requesting GET on http://hostname:hostport/ .


3. Support for multiple RoutePrefix attributes on a controller has been removed. Only one RoutePrefix attribute can be applied to a controller.

4. The Order property is removed from the RoutePrefix attribute.

We’ll be changing even more for RTM — stay tuned. For information about what’s planned, see the attribute routing design specification on the CodePlex site.


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