Announcing the New Foundational C# Certification with freeCodeCamp

Katie Savage

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Hello Students and Developers!

We are excited to announce the release of the new Foundational C# Certification in collaboration with freeCodeCamp. freeCodeCamp is a charity that creates free learning resources for math, programming, and computer science. The Foundational C# Certification is completely free, globally available, and includes a full 35-hour C# training course hosted on Microsoft Learn.

Amplify Your C# Career Trajectory

C# continues to shine as a leading programming language, essential in creating dynamic web applications, Unity games, comprehensive enterprise solutions, and more. In the rapidly evolving tech landscape, having tangible proof of your skills and dedication can set you apart.

Our Foundational C# Certification provides just that — a testament to the time and effort you’ve invested in mastering this versatile language. While no certification can guarantee a job, adding this to your portfolio demonstrates your commitment to continuous growth and your proficiency in C#.

Partnering with the esteemed freeCodeCamp, our certification is not just a badge, but a mark of quality education. It’s comprehensive, globally accessible, and free. This ensures that learners everywhere can benefit from a robust C# training on Microsoft Learn.

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Why This Certification?

  1. Thorough Knowledge Base: With a 35-hour training course on Microsoft Learn, this certification provides a thorough foundation of C#. From core concepts, syntax to practical software development applications – it’s all here.
  2. A Credential You Can Showcase: Existing C# developers, here’s your chance to bolster your LinkedIn profile. Display your commitment to continuous learning and expertise to potential employers and peers.
  3. Global and Free: This certification is free and globally available, ensuring every developer across the globe can access and benefit from it.
  4. A Comprehensive C# Journey: Partnering with freeCodeCamp, a renowned charity with a world-class learning platform, we’ve developed a certification that truly stands out. By utilizing resources from Microsoft Learn, learners will undergo a thorough training program, capped off by an 80-question exam hosted on freeCodeCamp. Master foundational concepts including variables, data types, control structures, and more.

Earn your certificate

  1. Go to the Foundational C# Certification path on freeCodeCamp. Here you’ll find the training content under Courses. Press Expand course to find all the modules within each course.
  2. Click on each module in the course to find the link to the training content for that module.
  3. Complete the training content on Microsoft Learn. (Note: If you have previously completed the training content, you do not need to redo it)
  4. Once you are done, complete the comprehension check question on freeCodeCamp.
  5. At the end of each course, you will receive a Trophy on Microsoft Learn. Each step on freeCodeCamp will show instructions for how you can claim and submit these Trophies.
  6. Once you complete all the training, take the exam.
  7. Earn your certification!

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Let’s Train Together!

  • With Microsoft : In addition to the training content on Microsoft Learn, we released six video walkthroughs where C# experts go through the training content. In each session, expert presenters review a training course, walkthrough a guided project, and answer questions. Watch the sessions here.
  • With freeCodeCamp: Begin with a video walkthrough by freeCodeCamp detailing the certification and training journey. For further support, be a part of the vibrant freeCodeCamp community over on the C# section of the freeCodeCamp Forum.

Final Words

Whether you’re an aspiring C# developer or a seasoned professional wanting to showcase your expertise, our Foundational C# Certification awaits you. Join us in this enlightening journey and elevate your tech career to unprecedented heights.

Happy learning and coding! 🚀👩‍💻👨‍💻


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  • Ramon Palheta Pessôa de Souza 1

    Saudações pra todos, ainda não sou fluente no inglês mas eu estou estudando pra ser fluente no tanto na conversação como na escrita, sou do Brasil da cidade de Manaus capital do estado do Amazonas, hoje realizei meu exame de certificação e consegui minha certificação Foundational C#, para as pessoas que não conseguiram realizar o exame por algum motivo, tentem realizar o passo a passo novamente, provavelmente é algum detalhe que não está dando certo. Desejo sucesso pra todos

    Greetings to everyone, I’m not yet fluent in English but I’m studying to be fluent in both speaking and writing, I’m from Brazil, from the city of Manaus, capital of the state of Amazonas, today I took my certification exam and got my Foundational C# certification , for people who weren’t able to take the exam for some reason, try doing the step by step again, it’s probably some detail that isn’t working. I wish everyone success

  • Julien Marpault 0

    Few years ago MicroSoft had official certifications :
    MCSA: Web Applications
    MCSA: Universal Windows Platform
    MCSD: App Builder
    These certifications were retired with nothing to replace.
    It could be a good thing that MicroSoft creates new true high level certifications on dev technologies like C#, ASP .Net, Blazor, MAUI, universal apps etc.

  • Ramon Palheta Pessôa de Souza 0

    Hello I would like to know if the C# certification is available only on the freeCodCamp site or if after we take the exam we can see the certification in our microsoft profiles as for example in microsoft learn

    • Katie SavageMicrosoft employee 1

      At present, the certification won’t show up in your Microsoft Learn profile, but you can include it on your LinkedIn!

      • Ramon Palheta Pessôa de Souza 0

        Thank you for your feedback, the important thing is that this is an official Microsoft certification, correct? as I am beginner / jr in development in C # / .NET, this is my first Microsoft certification, I have already added in my LinkedIn profile my first official Microsoft certification the Foundational Certification C # (FCC™). I have another question, does Microsoft have plans to make new certifications available for C# more advanced levels, .NET and SQL Server? Since I’ve been grabbing the feedback

  • Viktor Dubrovin 0

    Would be great to have an opportunity to attach this achievement as other badges to Credly 😉

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