Welcome to Visual Studio 11 ALM Rangers Readiness Beta “Wave”


JasonZ announced the Visual Studio 11 Beta, which triggered a SIMultaneous-SHIPping event for the Visual Studio ALM Rangers.

Updated: 2012-04-13. Changes marked with //date – change token.

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I am happy to announce that the Visual Studio 11 ALM Rangers Readiness Beta “Gig” solutions are now available for download from CodePlex:


The following solutions will be available for Beta download in the near future:


The following solutions have been cancelled or merged with other solutions:

  • // 2012-03-05 Cancelled
    Requirements Engineering Guide
    Requirements Engineering (RE), which addresses people, processes and technology for Team Foundation Server.
  • // 2012-04-04 Merged
    Coded UI and MTM Guides
    Merged with the Test Tooling Guide project.

The Team

None of this would have been possible without a dream team, made up of contributors and reviewers from all over the world, as well as phenomenal product owners from the product group.

Our product owners …

The team members who signed up for the “Gig”, listed in alphabetical order … Aaron Bjork, Abhimanyu Singhal, Adam Gilmore, Adimulam Sudheer, Alexei Govorine, André Dias, Andrew Whitechapel, Anutthara Bharadwaj, Babu George Padamadan, Bijan Javidi, Bill Essary, Bill Heys, Bob Hardister, Brandon Hawbaker, Brian Blackman, Brian Minisi, Caroline Williams, Casey OMara, Cesar Solis Brito, Chandana Athauda, Charles Sterling, Chris Burrows, Christian Nielsen, Cláudio Bernardo Leite B. R. da Silva, Claudio Leie, Clementino de Mendonca, Craig Riter, Daniel Manson, Daniel Margetic, Daniel Meixner, Daniel Oliveira, Danny Crone, David A. Clark, David Corbin, David Hay, David Scruggs, Doug Neumann, Ed Holloway, Eric Golpe, Ethem Azun, Ewald Hofman, Fabio Stawinski, Francisco Xavier Fagas Albarracín, Gaurav Aggarwal, Giulio Vian, Grant Holliday, Gregg Boer , Harish Reddy Kothapalli, Hassan Fadili, Hosam Kamel, Jahangeer Mohammed, Jakob Ehn, James Pickell, Jean-Marc Prieur , Jeff Bramwell, Jens Suessmeyer, Jim Lamb, Jim Szubryt, Joe Donnelly, John Bergman, John Jacob, John Spinella, Jon Guerin, Kris Lankford, Krithika Sambamoorthy, Lennart Jansson, Leonard Woody, Lukasz Gratkowski, Mahesh Babu Nalla, Manish Ahuja, Manuel Boendel, Mario Rodriguez, Mark Nichols, Martin Kulov, Mathew Aniyan, Mathias Olausson, Matt Nunn, Matthew Mitrik, Mattias Sköld, Micheal Learned, Mike Abrahamson, Mike Douglas, Mike Fourie, Mike Schimmel, Neno Loje, Nico Orschel, Paul Meyer, Pete Elliott, Petr Moravek, Pierre Donyegro, Pramod Vasanth, Prasanna Ramkumar, Rahul Chugh, Ramon Aldana Borjes, Raul Guerrero Carreon, Rene Schumacher, Richard Albrecht, Richard Fennell, Richard Florance, Rob Jarratt, Rob Maher, Robert MacLean, Roy Robertson, Rui Melo, Sai Charan Chirravuri, Scott Tomas, Shawn Cicoria, Siddharth Bhatia, Silfarney Wallace, Subrahmanya Somayajulu, Taavi Koosaar, Ted Malone, Thomas Isler, Thomas Schissler, Tiago Pascoal, Tim Omta, Tim Star, Tina Erwee, Tony Feissle, Tony Whitter, Vijay Machiraju, Vladimir Gusarov, William Bartholomew, Willy-Peter Schaub.

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