Visual Studio Test Platform, MSTest V2 – Transparent Development

Pratap Lakshman

Transparent development enables collaboration. When we open sourced the Visual Studio Test Platform and the MSTest Test Framework “MSTest V2”, we shared out links to issues, implementation and our roadmap. Here are all the links (including links to groomed backlogs and RFCs) for your convenience:

Visual Studio Test Platform: Implementation: Docs: Issues: Roadmap: RFCs: Backlog:

MSTest V2 Implementation: Docs: Issues: Roadmap: RFCs: Backlog:

The roadmap links call out our planning-horizon, and the themes on which we work during that period. Individual items are then in the backlog.

Your contributions and participation You have opened issues, commented on existing ones, raised PRs, and provided feedback through email and vsfeedback. Thank you!

We have relied on your feedback to shape the roadmap and groom the backlog. Bug fixes have been a direct consequence of issues you have opened. Some of these issues are for feature requests as well – issues with enough clarity to proceed with an implementation are tagged “up for grabs” and “help wanted“. Go ahead and see if you would like to take up any of them, and send us a PR.

Features/fixes that make it into a release are completely based on your feedback, and recorded in the release notes. Here they are for the current releases (and the ones preceding them): Visual Studio Test Platform: MSTest V2:

We hope your issue is addressed in these; if not, let us know. You could do so by going through the issues and commenting on them and/or “vote” on the ones you want fixed. We will use the count to inform the ones that get picked up and scheduled.

And while you are going over issues, do go over the RFCs as well. We use this as a place to share “design decisions” and context on why they were taken. The large and diverse user base of both the VS Test Platform and MSTest V2 will be evident from some of the rationale captured in these RFCs.

There are a growing number of collaborators in these repos now. Looking forward to see you there as well. It is only through our combined expertise – as a community – that we can take these to the next level of success and applicability.


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