Top stories from the VSTS community – 2017.11.03

Willy-P. Schaub

Here are top stories we found in our streams this week related to DevOps, VSTS, TFS and other interesting topics.


  • 5 DevOps Horror Stories That Will Scare Your Pants Off – Eli Lopian
    As the month winds down to a close, tricks and treats are in the air. In the spirit of the holiday, we’ve put together five spooky tales of tech gone wrong. Read up on our best practices and tips so you don’t become the next horror story!
  • Office UI Fabric for VSTS Extensions – Niel Zeeman
    This is a brief overview of why you should consider Office UI Framework, what to be aware of and where to start.
  • Is your Software Complex? – David Corbin
    Many people claim that the software they are writing is “Complex”. For over 20 years, Ralph Stacy has been writing on the subject of complexity; a summary look at his work should be very enlightening.
  • Test Windows applications with Appium and JavaScript – Clemens Reijnen
    Appium is an opensource test framework for validating native and web apps. It can drive iOS, Android and Windows applications via the well-known Selenium WebDriver protocol.
  • Continuous Deployment of Service Fabric Apps using VSTS (or TFS) – Colin Dembovsky
    Azure’s Service Fabric is breathtaking – the platform allows you to create truly “born in the cloud” apps that can really scale. The platform takes care of the plumbing for you so that you can concentrate on business value in your apps. If you’re looking to create cloud apps, then make sure you take some time to investigate Service Fabric.
  • VSTS: Generating badges for Releases – Tiago Pascoal
    Visual Studio Team Services (and Team Foundation Server) supports build badges out of the box giving you an URL for an image that can be embedded in a web page (eg: a wiki or a GitHub page) to visualize the (always updated) status of a build. Unfortunately Release Management doesn’t offer the same support for releases, fortunately it easy to implement a release badge generator with a few lines of code and using VSTS built-in extensibility mechanisms.

image_thumb[2] RADIOTFS

  • 150 // All About Bob with Mikael Krief
    In this episode Greg and Josh are joined by Mikael Krief and they talk about Mikael’s many cool projects like the Yeoman generator VSTS-EXT, latest VSTS news, All Day DevOps, DevOps without the ps, and much more…

**** image**** VIDEOS

  • All Day DevOps On-Demand
    100 recorded sessions from All Day DevOps 2017 are now available. Over 32,000 fellow DevOps practitioners registered for the event and over 17,000 slack messages were exchanged between attendees during the live event.
  • VSTS Bot: A bots journey by the ALM | DevOps Rangers
    Jeffrey will take you through the journey his team went through while building the Visual Studio Team Services Bot. He will dive into the actual source code, automated tests and the CI/CD pipeline they setup.

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