Top stories from the VSTS community – 2018.01.12

Willy-P. Schaub

Here are top stories we found in our streams this week related to DevOps, VSTS, TFS and other interesting topics.


  • What I learned about Microsoft doing DevOps: Part 7 – How to shift quality left in a cloud and DevOps world – The Art Of Coding – Wouter de Kort Quality and testing is an essential part of application development.
  • VSTS – Private Build Server – Jeffrey Opdam This week I am helping a team that is hosting their code in Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS in short) and they want a continuous delivery pipeline, that builds and deploys their software on their internal servers which reside ‘on premise’.
  • TFS 2018 search components in different server – Ricci Gian Maria When it is time to design topology of a TFS installation, for small team the single server is usually the best choice in term of licensing (one one Windows Server license is needed) and simplicity of maintenance?
  • Deploy your Application to Different Environments from Branches with and without Feature Toggle – Mohamed Radwan Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about pros and cons about deploying with Feature Branches in comparison with deploying with Feature Toggle. In this post, I will try to address key differences between both deployment strategies, as well as benefits and drawbacks of each.
  • Generating Azure (VSALM) VMs from a specialized vhd file – Pieter Gheysens From time to time I need to review how I run some of my Sparkles ALM workshops and make sure I can run a number of hands-on TFS exercises for the attendees. Doing demos is great to show what the possibilities are of an integrated ALM/DevOps platform, but nothing beats doing exercises yourself via the keyboard.
  • DevOps Success Stories Across the Industry – Ben Putano Across the world, companies from every industry are combining their development teams and operations teams to create one unified DevOps team. Teams are increasing productivity, transparency, and efficiency, while simultaneously decreasing bottlenecks and communication silos. Whether it’s a small restaurant POS startup out of Boston, or a world renowned ad agency, companies are making the switch and reaping the rewards.
  • Create your own path to Organisational Agility – Martin Hinshelwood Other scaled agile frameworks employ a cookie cutter approach to organisational agility. While I accept that they may have worked somewhere once, the likelihood that the same approach will work in your organisation is small.
  • VSTS Compare Excel Spread Sheets – ObjectSharp Blog / Dave I have many customers who keep spread sheets in version control for various reasons. I recently discovered an easy way to compare the difference between two spread sheets, and how to hook that up to Visual Studio so I could right click compare right from Team Explorer.
  • Don’t overlook the details during a TFS outage – Matteo Emili Two weeks ago I dealt with a head-scratching outage. A few minutes of downtime, for a very stupid reason.


  • 154 // Rubbing DevOps on 2018 with Donovan Brown This is the second time in a row where The Man in the Black Shirt, Mr. DevOps, Donovan Brown, has joined us for the first show of the year, hopefully starting a new tradition. We chat about DevOps, “There can be only One,” looking back on DevOps in 2017, forward into 2018 and much more.

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