Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2021.12.17

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The top stories from the #AzureDevOps #community for 2021.12.17 are here!

Welcome back! I am Jay Gordon and every week I try to bring you the latest updates from around the DevOps on Azure community. If you have a post you’d like to have me include, I am always listening. You can reach out on Twitter or LinkedIn and I will be sure to share your latest post with the community. Also, be sure to tag your posts with #AzureDevOps!

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Welcome back, everyone! December inches to its end and many of us are getting ready for food, family, friends, and some holiday fun. Even with our time in 2021 closing quickly, we still have a lot of great content to look at this week from our DevOps on Azure community. For some, it’s crunch time to keep important apps and websites moving along as people turn to online shopping and services for the holidays.

Creating plans for potential failure is important for teams who expect large amounts of traffic and heavy use of their application. Finding ways to solidify your infrastructure takes work, like testing in production using chaos engineering. Chaos engineering is the practice of subjecting applications and services to real-world stresses and failures to build and validate resilience to unreliable conditions and missing dependencies. At Microsoft Ignite we saw the introduction of an Azure-native service for improving application reliability, Azure Chaos Studio (Preview). Test your Azure deployment’s ability to withstand failure by using a number of different faults and actions. You can start using this service by creating an agent-based fault to add CPU pressure to a Linux VM by following this tutorial.

Posts from the DevOps on Azure Community

Let’s take a look at what contributions came from our community this week. I am always thankful I am capable of creating these posts every week because of people like you. We’ve got new posts about storing your Docker images, npm modules, Azure Pipelines, Terraform, Xcode, and even Azure PowerApps!

Build and push Docker Images to Azure Container Registry using Azure DevOps Pipelines
Thomas Thornton returns this week to show how you can build and push Docker Images to Azure Container Registry (ACR) using an Azure DevOps Pipeline.

How to authenticate against npm registries in Azure DevOps?
Antti K. Koskela shares some tips on accessing npm modules in Azure DevOps including some code samples.

How to create a new project in Azure DevOps
In this video, Stephen Correia steps through the Azure docs to create a new Azure DevOps project.

Test PowerShell code quality automatically
Leo Visser shares his first blog post about testing your PowerShell code for quality with an Azure DevOps Pipeline.

PowerApps Portals Build Tools – Automate Portal Deployment
Arpit Shrivastava‘s tutorial is a step-by-step guide to automate your Portal Deployment using PowerApps Portals Build Tools. (PowerApps CLI based Azure DevOps Extension)

How to specify your Xcode version on Azure Pipelines
Xavier Jouvenot walks you by specifying your Xcode version when running your Azure DevOps Pipeline.

Deploying to Azure Using Azure DevOps and Terraform
Rafael Medeiros shares a guide to deploying your workloads to Azure using Azure DevOps and Terraform.

Create Azure Function with Azure DevOps Pipelines
Martin Therkelsen returns with even more great content, this time about using Azure DevOps Pipelines to build your serverless Azure Functions.

Performing Azure Authentication Inside Terraform
Jeff Brown shows you how to authenticate to Azure so you can deploy your Terraform configuration.

Microsoft Posts, Events, and Updates

Richard Hooper and Gregor Suttie bring you the “Festive Tech Calendar 2021” to help raise money for Girls Who Code. Make sure you check it out before the year ends! You won’t want to miss all of the great sessions and posts from all around the community for this great cause.

The DevOps Lab: DevOps Lab | Getting started with GitOps and Azure
Roberth Strand from Crayon is back! Roberth and April Edwards review how to set up GitOps with AKS and Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes clusters!

Thank you to all this week’s contributors! We appreciate the posts by Thomas, Antti, Stephen, Leo, Arpit, Xavier, Rafael, Martin, and Jeff.

If you’ve written an article about Azure DevOps or find some great content about DevOps on Azure, please share it with the #AzureDevOps hashtag on Twitter!

Happy Friday, may your deploys go as planned and your weekend be fun!


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