Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2021.05.21

Zachary Deptawa

Happy Friday everyone! I can’t believe it’s already the end of May. This year is flying by! The area of Texas I live in has been getting some much-needed rain, and I’ve enjoyed checking out what the community has been up to during these torrential storms.

This week’s posts cover things like figuring out who an approver is on a pipeline for contact, how to safely use System.AccessToken in Docker builds, hosting free websites with Azure Static Web Apps, and more! Be sure to check them out!

Getting the approver for release to an environment within an Azure DevOps Multi-Stage YAML pipeline
Are you working on a pipeline but you’re not sure who the approvers are or how you can contact them? Richard shows us how to programmatically pull approver contact info from an Azure Pipeline.

Static Code Analyses – Terrascan, Terraform and Azure DevOps
James shows us how to use Terrascan to perform code analysis on a Terraform codebase within an Azure Pipeline.

Hosting Free Website with Serverless backend on Azure Static Web App
Looking for a place to host a free website? Subhankar walks us through using the Azure Free Tier to host an Azure Static Web App.

Use your Azure DevOps System.AccessToken for Docker builds… safely
Using the System.AccessToken within an Azure Pipeline is straightforward… but what if you need to use that token within Docker? Karsten shows us how we can accomplish this safely.

Send Slack Notification via InvokeRESTAPI@1 – Azure DevOps Tricks #2
Sending Slack notifications automatically during an Azure Pipeline run is super powerful. Iain shows us how we can get this setup using a Service Connection in Azure Pipelines.

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