Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2021.02.26

Steven Murawski

Happy Friday! It’s still February in Wisconsin and I’m buried in snow. Despite the cold temps and weather, I’m keeping warm inside and enjoying these great community contributions.

In addition to reading your awesome content, some of my teammates and I have been working with another group of community members – our Microsoft Student Ambassadors. We contributed to the Learn Live series on Sharpening Your Cloud Skills.

How To Get a PAT (Personal Access Token) for Azure DevOps from the az cli
Every now and again you need to get a Personal Access Token (PAT) from Azure DevOps to automate something. Dylan shows us how we can get one via the Az CLI and some PowerShell.

Deploy Azure Bicep using Azure DevOps Pipelines
Have you heard about Bicep? It’s a new DSL for working with Azure Resource Manager. Thomas shows us how we can use it in Azure Pipelines.

Template extensions in Azure Pipelines
Matteo shows some advanced templating behaviors in Azure Pipelines – you may want to check out some of the docs around templates after reading this post.

Merge Azure DevOps Pipeline Templates
Do you use the YAML build validation API in Azure DevOps? If so, you may have had challenges with templates. Chris brings us a solution thanks to a bit of PowerShell that can assemble the templates into an output that can be submitted to the validation API.

Deploying Helm Charts with Azure DevOps pipelines
Geert explains how we can deploy Helm charts through Azure Pipelines.

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