Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2020.08.28

Steven Murawski

Happy Friday! I’m back with a collection of posts from you, the wonderful Azure DevOps community. We range from how we use Azure DevOps to the fullest, to code formatting and security, to managing Azure Lighthouse.

Enforce .NET code style in CI with dotnet format
Gérald shows us how to use the dotnet format command in an Azure Pipeline to check code style.

Using a Lighthouse Service Principal within Azure DevOps
Now, this is cool – Thijs explains how they use Azure DevOps to manage Azure Sentinel to manage multiple environments.

Automate Azure DevOps code security analysis with the Microsoft Security Code Analysis extensions
Tobias shares an update to his post on code security extensions in Azure Pipelines.

Most Teams Aren’t Using Azure DevOps to Its Full Potential
Are you using Azure DevOps to the fullest? Christina shares her thoughts on the matter.

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