Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2020.05.08

Steven Murawski

Happy Friday! This weekend in the United States we celebrate Mother’s Day. Growing up, my mom was definitely the project manager of the house. I think she may appreciate this weeks posts about work item and iteration management. All our tasks were assigned weekly, but we weren’t really an agile household (otherwise, I’d have self-organized myself out of cutting the lawn every week). We also have an interesting challenge with Azure API Management and a way to keep your private build agents .NET Core up to date.

Use Azure DevOps pipelines for continuous delivery of APIs to Azure API Management Service
Using Azure API Management and need to update your API definitions on deployment? Alex shows us how he solved that problem in Azure Pipelines with a task from the marketplace.

How to install .NET Core on a Windows server
Want to build .NET Core apps? Host your own Windows Server build agents? Ronald’s experience and Azure Pipelines extension may be of help in installing and keeping your .NET Core environments up to date.

Project Management with Azure DevOps: Work items in the Agile process
I don’t spend too much time diving into the details around work items – but it’s a very important topic for a lot of folks. Daniel describes not only the work items types – including what data is important, but their relationships. Definitely on my re-read list.

How to: Create all iterations to your project on Azure DevOps
Continuing the theme of work item management, Vinicius shares a quick script to automate the creation if iterations for a project.

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