Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community – 2019.03.01

Edward Thomson

I don’t know why but it seems like some weeks are just busier than others for everybody. And y’all have obviously been busy, because this week I got so many notifications about Agile, DevOps, GitHub and Azure DevOps articles in my inbox that it was hard to keep up. (But don’t worry, the ones that I didn’t have a chance to read this week are still queued up for me to read next week!)

How I alert(1) in Azure DevOps
A few months ago we announced our bounty program for security issues in Azure DevOps. One researcher jumped on that opportunity to dig in, and wrote up the details of how they found a cross-site scripting bug in our markdown editor. Fascinating stuff!

Meet Utopia: DevOps with all the bells and whistles
What would your perfect DevOps project look like if you could build it from scratch? Mine would start with a git repository and add some great CI build features like integrations with SonarCloud and WhiteSource. And then it would deploy using ARM templates. That’s just what Wouter de Kort has created with Utopia, a demo DevOps project with all the bells and whistles.

Continuous Delivery with SharePoint Framework and Azure DevOps to Office 365
Last year, I featured an article about doing DevOps for SharePoint projects, and I’m thrilled to see another. Absolutely every software project benefits from DevOps, regardless of platform, size or ecosystem. Vincent Rothlaender explains how he created a pipeline for his SharePoint Foundation application into Office 365.

ASP.NET Core code coverage reports on Azure DevOps
I love the flexibility in Azure Pipelines to support all sorts of custom tooling and integrations within your releases. For example, if you’re running code coverage reports on your local box, why not automate it? Gunnar Peipman shows how to generate code coverage data and add a report tab right to the build results page in Azure Pipelines.

Releasing to npm From Azure DevOps
It’s obvious that you can use Azure DevOps to build out a nice CI/CD pipeline into Azure web apps or AKS – it is called Azure DevOps after all – but I love seeing the other things that people set up deployments for. Here, Aaron Powell has set up a release pipeline straight to npm.

As always, if you’ve written an article about Azure DevOps or find some great content about DevOps on Azure then let me know! I’m @ethomson on Twitter.


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