TFVC Support in Preview for Team Services Plugin for IntelliJ and Android Studio


We are proud to announce that Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) support is being added to the Team Services plugin for IntelliJ and Android Studio. Currently, the 1.106.0 version of the plugin will contain preview functionality to support TFVC repositories in the IDEs. Android Studio developers stuck with no TFVC support to create mobile apps now have an alternative to the command line. You made your needs known on User Voice and now we are here to meet them!

The initial functionality available for preview is:

  • Checkout a TFVC repository from Team Services or Team Foundation Server 2015
  • View, add, and rollback local changes in your repository
  • Create, view, and edit your workspace
  • Checkin and update local files
  • Merge conflicts from updates

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To start using the TFVC features, download the latest version of the plugin and follow the setup requirement steps.

With this preview release, we welcome any feedback from you so please let us know what needs to be improved and what else you would like to see. Instant feedback can be given in the IDE with the smile/frown icons.

To keep up-to-date on the growing TFVC feature set, check out our team site.

If you would like to contribute to our plugin, we have open sourced our code on GitHub.


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