TestArchitect by LogiGear offers module-based keyword test authoring for Visual Studio 2012

Charles Sterling

In collaboration with my team here at Microsoft, LogiGear developed a keyword-driven automation platform exclusively as a Visual Studio extension for efficient large-scale test automation.

TestArchitect for Visual Studio uses module-based keyword test authoring to automate coded UI tests in Visual Studio 2012. By eliminating coding, keyword based testing allows more team members to be involved in test design and execution. This dovetails with the direction of Visual Studio as a team collaboration tool. By encapsulating elements of the automation in keywords, the technique offers a natural way to eliminate unneeded details from test design to simplify test creation and makes large scale tests long-term maintainable.

The methodology employed in TestArchitect for Visual Studio places the focus on automating keywords first and test cases second. This data driven technique enables better test coverage but with less test cases. The automation effort is faster because keyword implementations tend to be shorter than scripted test case implementations. Tests become long-term maintainable as only a limited number of keywords have to be maintained when an application changes.

All test development and execution is based on test modules. The scope of a test module defines how much detail is included in the tests, and therefore what actions will be used. Test cases within a test module can have dependencies among themselves, but test modules are designed to run independently so that all actions, checks, etc. directly relate to the scope of the test module. This makes it easy to keep abreast of large tests and assure functional changes of a system under test only have a localized effect on the test set. Each test module contains a list of test objectives that allow a reader to understand why test cases are designed the way they are, and give a quick insight in correctness and, more importantly, completeness of a test.

The sophisticated functionality of today’s software combined with fast-paced agile development environments, compressed release cycles, and platform proliferation makes large-scale software testing extremely complex. TestArchitect for Visual Studio 2012 offers Visual Studio users increased test coverage, decreased testing time, and the ability to rapidly release software with confidence that it will deliver the expected customer experience.

TestArchitect for Visual Studio is available for all Visual Studio 2012 now and can be trialed free of charge for 30 days.

To request a trial go to www.testarchitect.com


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