Team Foundation Server 2018 Update 2 is now available

Erin Dormier

Today we announce the release of Team Foundation Server 2018 Update 2. There are a lot of new features in this release, which you can see in our release notes.

One big change in Update 2 is that we have re-enabled legacy XAML builds to unblock those customers that still require it in their environment. Although we’ve made this change, please keep in mind that XAML build are deprecated, meaning there will be no further investment in this feature. To learn more on how you can start migrating from XAML Builds to more supported features, read our migration documentation.

To get started, here are your key resources: TFS 2018.2 Release Notes TFS 2018.2 Web Installer TFS 2018.2 ISO TFS 2018.2 Express Web Installer TFS 2018.2 Express ISO

Update 2 includes many Visual Studio Team Services features from our September 5 to March 5 deployments (sprints 123 – 131). Here are a few highlights:

Pull Requests

There have been many updates to pull requests, including pull request labels and mentions for pull requests. Also, the PR notifications now include the thread context. When a reply is made to a PR comment, the prior replies show in the body of the notification, so you won’t need to open the web view to get the context.


There are now two new macros for queries. @MyRecentActivity shows the work items you’ve viewed recently and @RecentMentions returns the items you were mentioned in over the 30 days.

We have also added support for the Not In query operator. You can query for work items “Not In” a list of states, IDs, or many other fields, without nested “Or” clauses.

Build and Release

We have made several enhancements to multi-phase builds. You can use a different agent queue for each build phase, run tests in parallel, give scripts access to the OAuth token for each phase, and run a phase only under specific conditions.

In Release, you can now use release gates to react to health checks in your release pipelines.


You can now set retention policies in package feeds to automatically clean up older, unused package versions. Also, the Packages page has been updated to use the standard layout and filter bar.


There are a bunch of improvements to the wiki, such as search, referencing work items, and pasting rich text. You can also preview the wiki page as you’re editing.

Following our updated release approach, we will have one more TFS 2018 update, TFS 2018 Update 3, which will be mainly bug fixes.

Please report any problems on Developer Community or call customer support if you need immediate assistance.



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