Performance Testing with App Service Continuous Deployment


For every deployment you do on the web app, you might like to verify the performance of your web app and see if it is going to meet your business SLAs around performance and page load time. To make this process easy, we have integrated Performance testing with Continuous Deployment.

Follow the below steps to enable Performance test as part of Continuous Deployment:
1. Log in to the Azure portal
2. Navigate to App Services -> Your Web App/App Service -> Settings -> Continuous Deployment


  1. Configure Continuous Deployment with source control of your choice for a web App
    Setup the Performance test with the deployment. If you don’t have a VSTS Account, you can create one
    Once these settings are configured, Push new changes to the configured Source Control branch.

  2. You should see a “Performance test” being executed a post deployment command
    And you can drill down on to the test results as well

  3. Adding perf test to already configured Continuous Deployment
    If you want to add a performance test to a continuous deployment which you have setup a long time back, you can simply choose an option


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