Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Developer Day Feb 18th 2012 at Hyderabad

Charles Sterling

I have been having an absolute blast here in India -can not believe I have only been here three days.  The first day we didn’t arrive to the hotel until and mid morning am and spent the day with Sam Guckenheimer  –trying to figure what we had gotten ourselves into<grin>.    The second day was a 12 hour customer visit marathon including a sensationally fun visit to Infosys….I must admit I still can not get my head around the fact they have TENS of THOUSANDS of developers at the complex I visited (my home town of Oakland Oregon has a population of less than 500 people).  Today was spent at my first Test conference STeP-IN.   3:00am I leave for Pune to visit another round of customers then off to Hyderabad for the Visual Studio 11 Developer Day the local user group has organized.  (Huge Thanks Guys).

If you live near Hyderabad; The Microsoft User Group Hyderabad (MUGH ) invites you to Developer Day on 18th Feb 2012 ( 9:30 A.M to 1.30 PM ) at Microsoft Campus, Building 3 MPR Halls, Gachibowli, Hyderabad. Join us to meet Charles Sterling, Senior Program Manager, Visual Studio Team. Charles will deliver 90 min session on “Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio 11”.  Additionally, we have two sessions on “Debug production hosted application with Intellitrace and Visual Studio 11” and “SQL Server 2012 Database Unit Testing with Visual Studio 11”.

Check out the Complete Agenda from here :

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For RSS folks I have also included the agenda below:


  • A Roller Coaster View of Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio 11
    Charles Sterling, Senior Program Manager , Visual Studio, Microsoft Redmond,
      10.00 AM – 11.30 AM

Buckle your seatbelts and hold on to your loved ones, because the infamous and probably in need of much medication, Charles Sterling will be taking us on a whirlwind tour of the Visual Studio 11 Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools. This presentation will be all demos and done in a manner that Brian Keller guardedly describes as “full of energy”. The presentation will start off with ways to reduce wasted time in the Agile planning process, go on to show how to reduce rework through the use of storyboards and built in feedback tools and how to reduce developers time squandered through task switching by mitigating the cost of interruptions. The session finishes with an illustration of how Visual Studio 11 helps eliminate time wasted testing specifications rather than working software.

  • Effective IntelliTrace with Visual Studio 11
    Abhijit Jana, 11.45 AM – 12.30 PM

IntelliTrace debugging allows you to capture application state information during execution of your application. This is one of the most powerful debugging features that reduce your debugging time significantly. With Visual Studio 11, IntelliTrace moves beyond your development environment. This session will focus how the IntelliTrace debugging helps to debug your code faster and learn how to use the IntelliTrace in production hosted application.

  • Unit Test SQL Server 2012 database using Visual Studio 11
    Atul Verma, 12.30 PM – 1.15 PM

Unit Testing the database code speeds the development time and help enhance, maintain and extend a solution. This session will focus on database Unit Testing using Visual Studio 11. A quick overview about Unit Testing will be provided. You will get a deeper understanding about configuring projects for Unit Testing and see a number of tools Visual Studio 11 provides with Database Projects to simplify how developers and testers can test their application.


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