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The numerous ALM MVPs at Notion get together to offer a ton of free webcasts…

These web events will provide you with in-depth exposure into the different Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 ALM Tools.

These training events are completely free and are offered at various dates and time for your convenience.

Here is the October/November/December 2011 Schedule.

To register, simply click on a date below!


Load Testing in your Application Lifecycle

Verifying that a system works with a single user does not mean it will work in real-life scenarios. Load testing allow you to simulate real-world scenarios to verify your system will function and perform after real users start using it. This session will demonstrate how Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2010 can be used to perform both stress and load tests against a variety of technologies. Come join us for this free Web Workshop!

September 27, 2011

1:00-2:30pm CT

Manual Testing in Agile Teams

Although automated testing is often thought of as the holy grail of testing, manual tests still play a critical role in software development. This session will discuss and demonstrate how agile teams can incorporate test planning, test development, execution and defect management into iterative development cycles. Come join us for this free Web Workshop!

October 12, 2011

1:00-2:30pm CT

October 26, 2011

1:00-2:30pm CT

Test Management in Agile Teams

Scrum and other practices describe development teams as self-sufficient, meaning that all roles needed to develop and test the product are available on the team. This is incompatible with most classic views of quality assurance. This session will discuss how to integrate quality and test practices into your agile lifecycle using Microsoft tools. Come join us for this free webcast!

October 24, 2011

1:00-2:00pm CT

Testing in an Agile Team

Agile software development can greatly decrease risk and increase your user’s satisfaction, but not without a cost. Testing in highly iterative cycles can be more difficult than testing in a ‘waterfall’ project- But it is still worth it! In this session we will demonstrate approaches to bring the quality assurance role into agile teams and how Microsoft tools support these approaches. Come join us for this free webcast!

November 1, 2011

1:00-2:30pm CT

Automated Load and UI Testing for SharePoint Projects

With SharePoint gaining popularity as a development platform, verification of SharePoint applications becomes important just as it does for other applications. In this session we will discuss and demonstrate how to use Visual Studio 2010 and related tools to verify SharePoint application functionality and capacity. Come join us for this free Web Workshop!

December 6, 2011

1:00-2:30pm CT

December 20, 2011

1:00-2:30pm CT


Testing with SharePoint Projects

As an application platform, SharePoint is subject to the same best practices as any other application development. For example, you should version control your code, you should track your work, and you should test in a pre-production environment. In this session we will discuss the different types of testing suitable to all application development; then we’ll focus on the tools and approaches best suited for SharePoint. Come join us for this free webcast!

December 12, 2011

1:00-2:30pm CT

Using Lab Management with SharePoint Development

The lab management component of Visual Studio provides the ability to easily create and manage development and test environments. In this session we’ll demonstrate how lab management can be used to support development, deployment and test of SharePoint applications. Come join us for this free Web Workshop!

December 13, 2011

1:00-2:30pm CT

For questions or more information, please feel free to contact us at or by calling 972-607-4830.

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