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Todd Manion

The Azure DevOps Marketplace keeps on growing, with around 1,000 extensions used every day by our customers. While it’s easy to find and search for something you know you need to solve a problem (like deploying to AWS or integrating with ServiceNow), we thought it would be good to blog about some of the extensions that add valuable additional functionality to Azure DevOps.

One highly rated extension created for Azure DevOps is 7pace Timetracker. It was also one of the earliest in the marketplace and continues to be improved. This extension is deeply integrated into Azure Boards and allows your team to easily record the time associated with a task right at their fingertips while they are working on the task. The data can then be used to better estimate efforts by learning from real work, generate work reports, manage budgets, meet capitalization requirements and more. Timetracker also provides a neat API to access data which can help you develop custom reports and tooling.

7pace Timetracker

“If you need to know where time and effort is really spent in Azure DevOps projects, Timetracker is a fantastic tool to help you do so.”

Jamie Cool – Director of Product Management, Azure DevOps

Recently, the Timetracker team have updated the extension to include the ability for managers to approve timesheets and they have some new reporting dashboards slated to be released in their next major version.

If you need to track how time is spent on your projects, then using 7pace Timetracker takes away a lot of the pain and ‘end-of-week’ guess work. There is a 28-day free trial when you install it from the marketplace and you can head to their website (7pace.com) to learn about their subscription options.

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  • Max Vasilyev 0

    We’ve been using this extension for a good few years now. It is an awesome addition indeed!

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