Ed Blankenship joins the ALM Team (focusing on Lab Management) at Microsoft

Charles Sterling

While we don’t usually do organization announcements on our blogs I thought I would make an exception in this case as Ed Blankenship has been one of the earliest and most active ALM MVPs-and he just joined the ALM Team focusing on Lab Management scenarios.

I started working with Ed back when he visited Microsoft for a week of his vacation when he cleaned up and published the Microsoft Process Template to codeplex and he was voted MVP of the year by his peers.  Since then he has continued being active at ALM events, writing books and on the MSDN forums.    If you don’t know Ed, here is his own introduction:


<p><em><font color="#0000ff">I am Ed Blankenship and a former Microsoft MVP in the Visual Studio ALM family of tools including Team Foundation Server.&#160; My previous position was as the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Practice Technical Lead with <a href="http://www.imaginet.com/Pages/default.aspx">Imaginet</a> (formerly Notion Solutions).&#160; Along with Dave McKinstry, I led a team of twenty ALM Consultants across the world primarily in North America to help our customers with improving their ALM practices and implementing the Visual Studio ALM tools and Team Foundation Server.</font></em></p>  <blockquote>   <p><em><font color="#0000ff">I have been actively using, managing, and implementing for six years since the beginning of those products in 2005. I have been awarded the Microsoft MVP award for five years prior to joining Microsoft including voted as the </font></em><a href="http://www.edsquared.com/2010/02/24/Microsoft+MVP+Of+The+Year+For+VSTS+TFS.aspx"><em><font color="#0000ff">Microsoft MVP of the Year</font></em></a><em><font color="#0000ff"> for 2010 by the MVP group.</font></em></p>    <p><em><font color="#0000ff">Before joining Imaginet, I was the Release Engineering Manager at Infragistics where I led a multi-year TFS &amp; Visual Studio Team System implementation to improve the development process lifecycle across all nine product teams and five shared engineering teams.</font></em></p>    <p><em><font color="#0000ff">I am also the lead author of the </font></em><a href="http://bit.ly/TFS2010Book"><em><font color="#0000ff">Wrox Professional Team Foundation Server 2010 book</font></em></a><em><font color="#0000ff">, and have been a technical editor for the Wrox Visual Studio “11” ALM, Silverlight 1.0, Silverlight 2 Developer's Guide, Silverlight 3 Programmer's Reference, and Silverlight 2 Bible books, author of numerous articles, and have spoken at various user groups, events, radio shows, and conferences.&#160; I also maintain &amp; contribute to my blog at </font></em><a href="http://www.edsquared.com"><em><font color="#0000ff">http://www.edsquared.com</font></em></a><em><font color="#0000ff">. </font></em></p>    <p><em><font color="#0000ff">I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Midwestern State University in Texas where I grew up most of my life.&#160; I currently live in Charleston, South Carolina.</font></em></p>    <p><em><font color="#0000ff">I am extremely excited about joining the Testing &amp; Lab Management team where I have seen remarkable growth and value being added to teams at all of the customer sites I have been to over the past few years.&#160; I am especially looking forward to my many visits to the India Development Center to come!</font></em></p> </blockquote>  <p align="left">If you have a moment and feel the inclination feel free to drop him a line at his brand new email address and welcome him to the team: Ed Blankenship <a href="mailto:edblank@microsoft.com">edblank@microsoft.com</a></p>


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