Cloud-based Load Testing from Europe is now possible

Jimson Chalissery [MSFT]

While the announcement regarding VSO availability in Europe was made a few days back, this post outlines what that means in the context of Cloud-based Load Testing with Visual Studio Online. For details on how to create a VSO account in Europe and what it means to have a VSO account in Europe, please refer to the announcement.

For Cloud-based Load Testing, you can now perform load testing from Europe by creating a VSO account in Europe. Your Load testing infrastructure in the Cloud will be spawned in the Azure West EU Datacenter and your Load test data will also reside in the same Datacenter (with the exception of Application Insights’ data, as that service is still in preview). As a load test user, all you need to do is ensure you’re logged into the correct account (US vs EU) in Visual Studio, for your run to be executed from the corresponding Datacenter. There is no other setting to be changed from within the load test or from Visual Studio for this.

For some of you, for whom Cloud-based Load Testing was not feasible due to EU data sovereignty concerns, we hope this helps you start using our Service knowing that your data will remain in EU. For those of you who are interested in generating load from multiple data centres and want to understand performance characteristic in such situations, you now have EU as an option. Of course, you’ll need a separate EU account for the same, but it is possible now, and we’ll continue to invest in ways to make this more seamless in the near future. For now however, this is primarily a solution intended for those on the fence due to EU data sovereignty concerns.

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