Azure DevOps Server 2020.1.2, 2020.0.2 and 2019.1.2 releases

Gloridel Morales

Today, we are releasing multiple versions of our self-hosted product, Azure DevOps Server. You can find the details of the fixes in the release notes for each version.

Azure DevOps Server 2020.1.2

Azure DevOps Server 2020.0.2

Azure DevOps Server 2019.1.2


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  • Tore Østergaard Jensen (TORE) 0

    Since the Release Notes does not mention support for Visual Studio 2022, does that mean that it is not included?

    Really waiting for that to avoid installing newer version of the agent manually.

    • AJ Henderson 0

      You can update the build agent within Azure Devops Server by uploading to %ProgramData%\Microsoft\Azure DevOps\Agents on your Azure Devops app server.

      You can read more here:

      After you make an agent version available at that path, Azure Devops Server will automatically propagate the update out to existing agents.

    • Tore Østergaard Jensen (TORE) 0

      Thank you for sharing your solutions, but I was looking for an answer on the ability of Visual Studio 2022 support out-of-the-box.

      It was released November 8th of last year so half a year has passed now since Visual Studio 2022 was released. Best would of cause be if the versions was not hardcoded so that support would be present on release.

    • Markus Szumovski 0

      As far as I’ve seen in our test update installation of the Azure DevOps 2020.1.2 release we do not have a problem with the synchronization of active directory users or groups and the ‘Team Foundation Server Periodic Identity Synchronization’ job doesn’t take longer as on the Azure DevOps 2019 installation (in fact it’s even a second faster). So it seems this problem has been fixed, though I didn’t have the chance to ever test if it happened for us with a 2020.1.1 installation.

  • chetan kulkarni 0

    Can we directly upgrade to Azure Devops Server 2020.1.2 from Azure Devops Server 2020.0.1( )

    • Markus Szumovski 0

      We’re directly upgrading from Azure DevOps Server 2019.1.1 to Azure Devops Server 2020.1.2 without problems, so doing it from 2020.0.1 should work just fine too 😉

  • Michael Hauer 0

    Concerning 2020.1.2 installer:
    In the following readiness check message from the installer, the link is not working

    The following Windows service is installed on your computer: elasticsearch-service-x64. Remove elasticsearch-service-x64 to continue. Read the troubleshooting guide ( for more details.

    Also the “hardware requirements and installation notes” from the search configuration page lead to This also results in a 404.

    There are probably more links inside the installer invalid

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