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Parsa is a Product Manager on the Azure DevOps team.

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Known issue with publishing extensions: “Your ability to create global personal access tokens (PATs) is restricted by your organization.”

If you’ve run into trouble while trying to publish an Azure DevOps or Visual Studio extension to the Visual Studio Marketplace, please ask your administrator if they have enabled the new policy to restrict the creation of global personal access tokens (PATs).

New policies to restrict personal access token scope and lifespan

Azure DevOps Administrators can now define a maximum lifespan for personal access tokens (PATs) and restrict the creation of global and full-scoped personal access tokens (PATs). These policies will affect all users and Azure DevOps organizations linked to the Azure AD tenant.

Mitigating leaked personal access tokens (PATs) found on GitHub public repositories

Announcing the automatic discovery and mitigation for leaked Azure DevOps personal Access Tokens (PATs) found on GitHub

Limit user visibility and collaboration to specific projects

This sprint we’re releasing a public preview feature to enable organization administrators in [Azure DevOps]( to restrict users from seeing and collaborating with users in different projects.