Create Archives in Team Services Builds and Releases

Jason Sholl

Team Services sprint 102 introduces a new build task, Archive Files.  Use it to easily create archives during your Team Foundation Server (TFS) or Team Services continuous integration (CI) build process.  The Archive Files task is cross platform and uses native zip, tar, and 7-Zip on Mac and Linux.  For Windows, we bundled 7-Zip with the task and use it exclusively.  On Linux and Mac build agent machines, 7-Zip must be pre-installed and in the path.  You can archive anything supported by 7-Zip, which means you can create 7z, zip, wim, tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2, and tar.xz files on Windows, Linux, and Mac build machines.


The build task is open sourced, so feel free to use it to create your own build extensions. If you have any suggestions or issues, reach out to us on GitHub.  For more information about TFS and Team Services multi-platform support, visit


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