Announcing the Azure Pipelines app for Microsoft Teams

Karthik RG

As developers, we spend considerable time and energy on monitoring builds and releases. To help us be more efficient, we are excited to announce the availability of the Azure Pipelines app for Microsoft Teams. If you use Microsoft Teams, you can now set up subscriptions to receive notifications for completed builds, releases, pending approvals and much more in your channels. You can also approve releases from within your channel.

For details, please take a look at the documentation here.

To install the app, click here.

We will be continuously improving the app. Please give the app a try and send us your feedback using the ‘@azure pipelines feedback’ command in the app or on Developer Community.


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  • Alejandro Melis 0

    There is no option to connect to an Azure Devops with different credentials

    • Karthik RGMicrosoft employee 0


      We would like to know more about the issue that you are facing. Can you please write to us at with necessary details.

  • Greg Perrego 0

    Is there support for tfs 2019 coming?

    • Karthik RGMicrosoft employee 0


      Currently we do not have immdediate plans of supporting this for TFS. You can use the existing ‘Team Foundation Server’ app in Microsoft Teams market place instead.

      • Wil Wilder Apaza Bustamante 0

        this comment has been deleted.

  • Daniel StrommenMicrosoft employee 0

    Our agile feature team has lots of small PR’s and CI releases happening on a regular basis.  We would love to get notifications about these, but AZDO creates a brand new conversation for each one so the net effect is that your team channel just gets spammed with AZDO updates, and you can’t see at a glance what is closed and what is not.  It was too spammy, we had to disable it.
    PR notifications should reply on their own thread when there is an update about the same PR.  Same for releases.  Also, the connector should update the subject of the thread with a status emoji so you can more easily see what the latest status of the PR or release is.

  • Angshuman Chakraborty 0

    What about Azure DevOps server 2019 on premise connection, is there a way we can connect to on premise?

    • Karthik RGMicrosoft employee 0

      @Angshuman Chakraborty,
      Currently we do not have any immediate plans to support Azure DevOps server 2019 with this app. However, we will revisit this based on overall user feedback.

  • Andrew Fisher 0

    The workflow for these and the UI is not great to say the least, subscribe to something and it subscribes to all alerts. Go and edit the alert to reduce scope, for just failed builds for example, and all it does it create a new alert for that scope. Ended up deleting them all from within ADO because that UI in teams was poor also and setting up using the connectors on the channel instead

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