Announcing Continuous Delivery Tools for Visual Studio 2017


With the right DevOps tools, developers can run continuous integration builds that automate testing, analysis and verification of their projects, and streamline continuous deployment to get innovative applications into user’s hands quickly. Along with the release of Visual Studio 2017 RC.3 update, we released a DevLabs extension, Continuous Delivery Tools for Visual Studio. The current version of the extension makes it simple to setup up an automated build, test and release pipeline on Visual Studio Team Services for an ASP.NET 4 and ASP.NET Core application targeting Azure. Once a CI build definition is configured, developers will instantly get notified in Visual Studio if a build fails.


 By clicking on the build failure notification, you will be able to get more information on the build quality through the VSTS dashboard.


Deploying to other environments becomes simple as developers can simply copy this existing environment release configuration and modify it. For more information on how the extension works please check the Visual Studio blog. To download and install the extension, please go to the Visual Studio Gallery.


Microsoft DevLabs Extensions

This extension is a Microsoft DevLabs extension which is an outlet for experiments from Microsoft that represent some of the latest ideas around developer tools. They are designed for broad use, feedback, and quick iteration but it’s important to note DevLabs extensions are not supported and there is no commitment they’ll ever make it big and ship in the product.


It’s all about feedback…

We think there’s a lot we can do in the IDE to help teams collaborate and ship high quality code faster. In the spirit of being agile we want to ship fast, try out new ideas, improve the ones that work and pivot on the ones that don’t. Over the next few days, weeks and months we’ll update the extension with new fixes and features. Your feedback is essential to this process. If you are interested in sharing your feedback join our slack channel or ping us at



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